What do I really want to do?

Day after day, you definitely meet people who have an occupation in which they come into contact with tens of other individuals. However, their approach does not correspond to this. They are snappy and disagreeable, spreading negative energy into their surroundings. Some of them just got up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning. That can happen sometimes. You sleep it off the next day. However, the vast majority of such people have a different, long-term, problem. They do not like their jobs.

They enrolled in studies under the influence of their surroundings and/or inadequate knowledge of themselves and a possible lack of knowledge of the market possibilities. They then commenced a job in a field that they are not interested in, in a field that doesn’t make them happy. At least not to the extent that they want it to be their daily source of income. They are sorrowful, frustrated and pessimistic. And they thoroughly demonstrate this to those around them.

Why don‘t they do something about it? A lot of people ascetically accept the fact (which is, in fact, not the correct specification) that work is not fun. They think that change is impossible at their age. They don’t think that they are able to do a better job. Or they are just too lazy to do anything about it.

There we are. Now try to ask yourself the question this article is based on. What do you really want to do?

If you are able to answer this question, you will most probably save yourself a lot of stress doing a job you don’t like. You will be spared a lot of empty ideas concerning a job that would not make you happy.

Jobcentre Plus

Schools cooperate with Jobcentre Plus (you will find more information at the www.gov.uk website). Because the selection of an occupation and preparation for a job is really a long-distance race, educators start discussing this question with children when they are 12 years old. Are you thinking that you went through this a long time ago and that you are nowhere near 12 years of age? Job counsellors are here for people of all ages, so don’t hesitate and contact them.

Career Centres and Counsellors

You can find a lot of free and paid career centres with career counsellors and HR workers to take care of you in every town. They will help you select your future occupation and advise you on the methods to get your dream job.

Personality Tests and Encyclopaedia of Professions

If you are sure that you are able to select your occupation by yourself and just need a little inspiration, use the Internet, where you will find a lot of tests to find out your personality type. Or you can just simply browse through the many encyclopaedias of professions or advertisements on job portals. After that, try to find out as much information about the offered positions as possible. You will certainly come across a position that will be interesting for you eventually, a position you will feel is the right one for you.

However, it is important to analyse yourself all the time. Get to know yourself, try new things, discover your talents – these are the main things to finally bring you to an occupation in which you will really be satisfied.

So, do you know what you really want to do? The only thing left is to write an excellent CV (or to have it quickly generated here), prepare for an interview and get a job you will look forward to go to.

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