About Us

The IQresume.com service was created for the purposes of saving time, minimizing mistakes and maximizing user comfort in the creation of professional CVs, which sometimes substantially influence the lives and the future of us all.

A CV is an important document for each working individual and our tool has been created in consideration of such a fact.

What can IQresume.com do?

  • It makes CV creation easy and fast, requiring just 7 steps;
  • It will check a great number of possible misprints and mistakes;
  • It will arrange your CV into a modern, professional template;
  • It will save your CV on the Internet under a secret link so that it won’t be accessible so easily;
  • You will disclose (or send) the link to your CV only to those people you want;
  • It will display your CV in the most wide-spread format, PDF, or online in HTML;
  • You don’t have to laboriously attach your CV to emails; a link is sufficient;
  • You will never lose your CV; it will be stored on the web until you have deleted it;
  • Your CV will be backed up on the Internet even if your PC has crashed;
  • If there is a change in your work experience, you don‘t have to create anything again; you can just edit your CV;
  • You can delete your CV from IQresume.com at any time.

Thanks IQresume.com I create a professional résumé in 10 minutes.

Thanks IQresume.com I create a professional résumé in 10 minutes.

Thanks to IQresume.com
I have professionally presented myself to companies and landed the job of my dreams as well as 57.208of other users!