How to Write a Motivation Letter?

A motivation/cover letter, as suggested by both its names, is a document to "guide" you through a CV; it enables the applicant to express his/her motivation for getting the given job, to express how much he/she wants the job. The motivation letter expands and supplements the information provided in the structured CV because such a CV should only be a brief list of information concerning your professional life, providing no space for expressing all the things you would like to tell your potential employer about yourself. If an HR worker finds your high-quality curriculum vitae interesting, the motivation letter is usually the next step in the process of getting a job.

In contrast with the CV, which may be easily and quickly generated here, the cover letter is an opportunity for you to use your writing skills. In short, imagine that you are really writing a letter to your future employer. With all the formalities, as you learned them in your writing lessons. Be really careful not to make any mistakes in grammar and style; this could unfailingly discourage the HR worker right at the beginning! A person who is really determined to get the offered position should be very particular about writing his/her cover letter.

Not every employer will directly demand a cover letter from you; however, we recommend that you use this opportunity for your initial defence and to prove that you really want the job.

What should the structure be like? A motivation letter should be a quarter to a half a page long. However, a lot of employers determine the length themselves by limiting the number of symbols. In such a case, observe this limitation for it is a frequent method of verifying whether you are able to perform a task. Write your name and contact details in the upper right corner. You may attach examples of your work at the end if this will help you get the job. Don’t forget to mention such examples in the contents of the letter.

We will show you a sample motivation letter below. However, bear in mind that a motivation letter is, in the first place, an expression of your personality. Therefore, an accurately-selected variation from the traditional structure is all right. Try to persuade your employer with something else, by adding something new. By your added value. Persuade him/her that you are the person he/she wants to employ.

A cover letter may look, for instance, like this:

Mary Smith
911 Borderline Lane
London SW11 1DJ

Dear Mr Jones,

Allow me to react to the advertisement posted on your company‘s website, in which you offer the position of an Account Manager. I am currently employed as a Senior Account Manager at ABC Ltd., where I have been working for five years. Although I am very satisfied in this position, I have found the presentation of your company so interesting that I would like to become a member of your team and move my professional career forward. I am careful and reliable as well as being able to adapt very quickly to new situations. Moreover, I offer a professional appearance and behaviour and I am used to dealing with people in higher positions.

I firmly believe that if you employ me at your company, we will both be exceedingly satisfied. I will do everything within my powers for that.

If you are interested in a personal meeting, I will be very happy to tell you more about myself.

Have a nice day. Yours sincerely,

Mary Smith

If you send your letter by "classical" mail, attach your signature.

You must realize that you can send the same variant of your CV to apply for more jobs, but the cover letter must be unique for each position you apply for!

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